If you’ve read “David’s Buick” you likely have questions. Bob will answer them if you ask them, and the question and answer will be posted here…as long as it isn’t a spoiler for those who haven’t yet read the book. Like this:

Q: Did you create your own mythology about raven, trout, and coyote? Is it an old Indian legend?

A: I did. And it isn’t. I made it up.

Q: Have you been to Viet Nam?

A: Yep. Twice. With a camera. After the war.

Q: Who was that with Lido Wan, out on the Carman blacktop under the full moon?

A: Patrick Hazell claims it’s him. One thing for sure, it wasn’t David.

Q: You wrote a song called “Rolene” and credited it as being a Chuck Berry song. Has he contacted you about the fact that you claim to own the copyright to “Rolene” — not him — because you made it all up in a work of fiction?

A: Nope. But I was almost in his band back in the Seventies.

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