David’s Buick

“In Memory of David’s Buick,” a novel by Bob Saar

Someone stole songwriter Bucky Minnow’s rock and roll ballad, a personal tribute to his wandering brother David, adrift in Viet Nam. Ripped off in the Sixties by a slithery booking agent, the song is now a country-western radio sensation. And Bucky wants it back.

Bucky hits the road west in search of music thief Buddy Payola and faded cowboy singer Dusty Bodine. A magical guitar born in a far corner of the Grand Canyon lures them all. And the ancient medicine man who crafted that strange instrument must have it back.

But others are on the hunt for Bucky Minnow. His lifelong ex-girlfriend, the volatile baseball-hurling Lido Wan, desperately needs to save him. Disk jockey Roy Lukas is searching the airwaves to warn him. Shadow guitarist Dogus wants to rock and roll again before a rogue FBI agent catches up with them all. And two ethereal spirits wait for everyone out on the sunset road.

IN MEMORY OF DAVID’S BUICK follows a true believer on his journey down the path of discovery, through misadventures that ultimately lead to the meaning of life—unlike any we have ever suspected—and sheds new light upon the mysteries of love, war, rock and roll and the fate of sweater-clad Chihuahuas trapped inside hot automobiles.

Guitarist, songwriter, filmmaker, engineer, newspaper journalist, art technician, programmer, cook, fisherman and traveler: Bob Saar is the definitive modern-day Gemini Renaissance man. He captures today’s journey through life with stories and music, his songs and essays illustrating our wanderings across the light-spangled, shadow-dappled landscapes we call our lives.

Saar’s past adventures in Colorado and Oregon and beyond America’s shores returned him to his homeland, where he lurks in an old haunted mansion somewhere in the deep junglelands of backwater Iowa.

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